This is a job from a while ago now, but still a great set of images of Longy at Village Green Festival 2014.  

  Last year we shot a mockumentary for Israeli artist Ariel Narunsky. Check out the film edited by the artist and also some installation shot of the exhibition at Arebyte Gallery.      


Last year we were commissioned by The Medic Portal to photograph and film promotional material for one of their courses.

We produced this video for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter Mohamed Omar from Kairo/Egypt. It was great to see his performance, especially as he won silver in the blue belt/middle weight division.        

This is another set of installation shots and short video for AREBYTE Gallery. Check out more of Nelmarie du Preez work here. Or read the article about her exhibition Autonomous Times on Anti-Utopias here. Autonomous Times by Nelmarie du Preez – Installation Video from London-BAM on Vimeo.